Hi! Im Leslie Lynn Houston. Ive been married to my husband, Billy, for ten years. We have four children, Adalyn 10, Kendyll 8, Brooklyn 6, and Maddux who just turned one! I have a degree in early childhood education and taught for a few years but felt called to stay home and provide stability. My husband was active duty Air Force before he was medically retired. As a contractor at Fort Gordon, he has deployed more than his active duty years. We live in what some would call an organized chaois. The house is never quiet or completely clean despite my best efforts. I love to organize things/rooms. When I do I label everything, which some would say is weird but Give me one teacher who doesn't. I have always enjoyed anything artistic. I constantly take on new hobbies for fun, partially because im a pinterest addict, and if the article says DIY it can't be that hard. So far I've built some shelves and tables, refinished furniture, acrylic painting, played with my cricut, basic cake decorating, basic sewing, making hair bows, and a never ending list of things to try. A typical week has me going to church, school pick up/drop off, attempting to meal plan and clean while watching an active toddler, homework help, driving the girls to dance, dance and more dance, a few family game nights (currently we are hooked on splendor), and relaxing with my husband after the kids go to be to watch some true crime documentaries or challenging him to a game of splendor and trying not to beat him too badly.
We love to host or family during the holidays and friends whenever time allows. Speaking of holidays Im one of those crazy Christmas people you spend the year counting down until I can decorate again. In my book that November 1st most years, but it also has to be down the first week of January. I love a good book and a glass of wine, but my reality of motherhood is skipping the book, because who has the time, and enjoying a glass of wine in the evening after a busy day.